Aistė Noreikaitė (LT)

 Aistė Noreikaitė is Vilnius-based artist, composer, researcher and performer translating brainwaves into music through playful, collaborative and participative formats. She studied Sound Arts and Design at University of the Arts London with notable professors and musicians such as David Toop, and graduated with a project ‘Experience Helmet’ that is made for listening to the activity of human minds. Device influences music through measuring brainwaves (EEG), and was shown at ‘LCC Summer Show 1’ (Hotel Elephant, London, UK), ‘Tomorrow People: Artists of the Future Now’ (Elevator Gallery, LOndon, UK), also was published in many news portals, among them – major technology magazine ’Wired’ (UK, US).

As an artist, Aistė was part of a laser music band ‘Optonoise’ and performed at ‘The New Tate Modern Opening Weekend’ (London, UK) and ‘Music Tech Fest’ (Berlin, DE). She collaborated with a performance artist Zoe Dowlen and used ‘Experience Helmets’ to perform at Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, FR), CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux (FR); their work was published in a CD ‘Far Away but Ever Closer: Lithuanian Composers Abroad’. Thereafter Aistė continued her work solo and was commissioned to be part of a team in ‘Audio Visual Interplay workshop’ (Spessa, IT) and also to create a brainwave music score for vocal ensemble ‘Melos’ in ‘DAR: Druskininkai Artist Residency’ (Druskininkai, LT).

 As a researcher Aistė was involved in EEG, ECG and other electrophysiological data collection and processing (University of Hertfordshire, UK). She was a research assistant at the ‘Hivemind qEEG project’ (Barbican Centre, London, UK) ran by Dr Tony Steffert and Rita Carter (science and medical writer).

Throughout the years Aistė gave presentations at events such as ’Biohacker’s Summit’ (BAFTA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, London, UK), ‘World’s EEG’ (Imperial College London, UK) and ’Symposium on New Technologies for Mindful Awareness and Wellbeing’ (British Computer Society, London, UK). Acting as a start-up co-founder she presented her product at LOGIN (LITEXPO, Vilnius, LT) Investor’s Day, (Radisson Blu, Vilnius, LT) and Startup Battle (Vinted HQ, Vilnius, LT).

Her presentation at What’s Next in Music? will focus on what Data Sonification means, followed by practical implementations and technical solutions to play music with our minds.