Aistė Zabitaitė is a seasoned music industry professional, with over a decade of experience encompassing digital marketing, creative production, and project management. Her journey in the music world began as a dedicated volunteer at a music venue, which ultimately led her to venture into the communications department of a prominent promoter’s team. Following a brief stint in artist management, Aistė found her true calling when she joined The state51 Conspiracy, a London-based independent music company. Here, she played an instrumental role in developing the creative department, empowering artists and label partners to harness the power of visual storytelling to amplify their music.



Aistė’s expertise transcends genres, primarily focusing on the independent music sector, where she brings her unique perspective to the forefront of the creative process. Collaborating with designers, videographers, and animators, she empowers artists to effectively communicate their music’s essence through captivating visual formats. Throughout her career, Aistė has worked with an impressive array of artists and labels, including Steve Jansen, Kevin Godley, and Donovan, while also spearheading digital marketing campaigns for acts such as Fyfe Dangerfield, Wire, Warmdusher, Hotel Lux, Minty and esteemed labels like Heavenly Records, Bella Union, R&S, pinkflag, and Noton.



Guided by her belief that learning is an ongoing process, Aistė continually seeks to expand her knowledge by embracing the expertise of her peers. Aistė’s professional mission revolves around understanding an artist’s vision and empowering them to harness creative tools, ensuring their message reaches their audience effectively. Furthermore, she skillfully navigates the ever-changing digital landscape, helping artists capitalize on music services’ features to optimize their presence and grow their audiences. Rooted in childhood inspiration and fueled by the joy of witnessing audiences connect with music, Aistė’s dedication to storytelling and her commitment to uplifting artists remain unwavering, driven by her mantra to be kind, curious, and purposeful in her endeavors within the music industry.

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