Basas Pegasas (LT)



Marius Repšys and the live band “Basas Pegasas”

Marius Repšys, a well-known Lithuanian film and theater actor with the live band “Basas Pegasas”, will perform a special concert on the festival’s “What’s next in Music” stage. The newly formed band will present a new music program in which Rap’s tracks will intertwine with the sound of alternative rock. There will be a lot of rapcore.

Listeners will hear not only the already known songs of Marius, such as “Virš Debesų”, “Knygų mugė”, released under the pseudonym Vandalaz, but also brand new, original songs written by all band members.

Band members:

Marius Repšys – vocals;

Julius Račkauskas – bass guitar;

Hand Smilingis – guitar;

Laurynas Čekelis – keys;

Salvijus Žeimys – drums;

Eliza Bondarenko – back vocals;

Kristina Baranauskaitė – back vocals.