indie electronic


Andis Ansons and Julijs Raimonds Melngailis are Bel Tempo – an Indie Dance act with one foot firmly in dusty electronic beat making and the other in soft anthemic storytelling. Choosing topics that suit our everyday life it is plain to see Bel Tempo’s voice of one of empathy for a generation of new music listeners across the Baltics. Julijs lays down verbal meanderings that throw a comparison to Baxter Drury processed through a warped radio channel. Loose fitting lyrics reveal a broken heart that shines bright as the Baltic boys serve up another beautifully reflective pop moment.

The pair started working together in 2018, releasing their first single Think Too Much on Eton Messy records and later working with German labels Guesstimate and Amity on four more singles.
Bel Tempo’s debut EP is set to be released on the 10th of July.