Camila Anino is the Head of Partnerships and Programming at Primavera Pro, the international gathering for the music industry that is held as part of Primavera Sound in Barcelona, and that brings together professionals and artists who are shaping the present and future of the industry.


At Primavera Sound, Camila is in charge of national and international cooperations with leaders in music as well as the broader public & private sector, aiming to book emerging artists coming from all over the world to the Primavera Pro showcases. On the conference side of things, Camila heads up conceptualising all the content and making it come alive.


Camila has been working in the music business for over 7 years. She has worked in various fields of the industry including at festivals such as Lollapalooza, music streaming services, and consultancy companies as a booker, curator, marketing and content strategist, and business developer. Camila holds a degree in Global Entertainment & Music Business from Berklee College of Music, and a degree in Media Management from the Argentinian Business University.

Challenges, differences, and perspectives of international festivals

2023 09 08, Friday