Conference program 2022

Thursday, September 8

10:00 Music industry in times of change: challenges and perspectives*
Kristina Janušauskaitė (IFPI – representing the recording industry worldwide (IFPI European Office, Brussels)*online, Mark Adam Harold (Night time economy commission, LT), Vaidas Stackevičius (Lithuanian music business association, LT), Valdas Petreikis (Lithuanian events industry association, LT). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys

11:15 Ticketing trends: what’s next?*
Ramūnas Šaučikovas (, LT), Simonas Sudaras (, LT).  Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys

12:30 Cancel button on stage: between civic position and censorship culture*
Erica Jennings (artist, LT / IE), Lauras Lučiūnas (Creative Industries, LT), Vaidas Zdancevičius (Bravo events, LT). Moderator: Mykolas Katkus

13:30 Break

14:30 Listen Local: how to avoid that local AI algorithms colonize the Lithanian music ecosystem
Balancing the post-Covid revenues with increased sales on global platforms
Daniel Antal, CFA (Digital Music Observatory, NL). Moderator: Tomas Paliūnas

15:30 The Artist Strategy: People Puzzle
Marc Brown (BYTA, SE / CAN). Moderator: Tomas Paliūnas

16:30 Music, NFT – WTF?!
Dreams & reality of music NFTs: first-hand insights in history, technology and current state of things
Gleb Divov (creative technologist/FAYR Ecosystem, LT). Moderator: Tomas Paliūnas


Friday, September 9

10:00 Local bands getting global coverage? Dos & Don’ts
Mariusz Herma (Polytika/beehype, PL).  Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys

11:15 Everything you always wanted to know about synch: how music gets licensed for films, TV and beyond
Michelle Stoddart (Stoddart Music, UK). Moderator: Tomas Paliūnas
12:15 Agents – what artists can expect from them?
Juliana Voloz (JV Promotion, GER/EE), Koen ter Heegde (Yugofuturism / Subroutine Records, NL), Natasha Padabed (More Zvukov Agency, GER). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys

13:15 Break

14:15 In the spotlight: interview with Vlad Yaremchuk
Vlad Yaremchuk (Atlas Festival, UA). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys

15:15 Foreign markets – what’s next?
         + Introduction of Baltic Focus at MENT Ljubljana 2023
Andraž Kajzer (MENT Ljubljana, SL), Lisa Schoemaker (ESNS, NL), Márk Bóna (Sziget Festival / Europe Stage, HU), Roman Demchenko (Damn.Loud / Sveta Baar / TMW, EE), Vlad Yaremchuk (Atlas Festival, UA). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys

16:30 Data Sonification and Brainwave Music
Aistė Noreikaitė (sound artist, LT). Moderator: Tomas Paliūnas

*in Lithuanian; all other panels will be held in English
**the programme is subject to change and will be updated continuously up to the event
***conference is taking place at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library Of Lithuania