Christine Su (TW)


Christine is international project manager of Taiwan Television Enterprise Ltd. / Golden Melody Awards & Festival (GMA) as well as the conference curator of GMA festival. Having gained experience in many major events, she continues working on international relationships with both existing and potential partners to promote Taiwanese artists and music to the world. Established in 1962, Taiwan Television Enterprise is the first TV station in Taiwan and has been co-organizing GMA with the Ministry of Culture for years.

GMA stands for Golden Melody Awards & Festival that covers an award ceremony and a business-to-business music festival in Taipei, Taiwan every June.
Commended as the Grammys in Mandarin music world, GMA has been organized by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan since 1990. Golden Melody Festival, since 2014, is a three-day B2B oriented annual event. It gathers professionals from the industries around the world and supports business opportunities and engagements in music and other industries.