Speakers 2018

As of 2015 Agnė Biliūnaitė is Lithuanian cultural attaché in China and South Korea. Previously she has worked as a dance critic, creative practice manager of the national project Creative Partnership, assistant producer at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater.

Agnė Biliūnaitė (LT/CHN)

Agnese Cimuška since 1999 working in the creative industries and since 2004 - in the music industry. Since 2012 she is head of Music Export Latvia. Previously she worked as a project manager at Platforma Rekords, LMK (Latvian Music Channel), Pasadena Group Promotion, POPCORN magazine and Daugavpils Latvian Cultural Center where she was responsible for TV shows, new music albums, events, advertising, media and marketing campaigns and public relations.

Agnese Cimuška (LV)

I'm a typical self-seeking 20-year-old who's on a not-so-typical path - instead of a university diploma, I chose a free year, starting with a waitress job in Vilnius and many cycling miles in Amsterdam and leading me shooting tours and constantly documenting the Lithuanian music scene.

Aneta Urbonaitė (LT)

Since 2011 Bartek is the program creator of the largest outdoor event - Woodstock Festival Poland (named POLandROCK from 2018). Bartek is constantly looking for festival groups from around the world in partnership with festival founder Jurek Owsiak. Bartek Stolarek also coordinates the organization of the largest live music competition in Poland - Preliminaries - in which many groups compete for the opportunity to perform at the Woodstock Festival Poland.

Bartek Stolarek (PL)

Bertram Frewer is director of programs for the Cultureurbüro at the City of Bochum (Germany) Cultural Office. The office team consists of 14 staff members, whose main task is to advise and support independent Bochum creators and cultural institutions in promoting networking and regional cooperation. Bertram Frewer is responsible for the concept of new events, initiating international exchanges, promoting creators with a special focus on jazz, the world and popular music.

Bertram Frewer (GER)

Bill Zang (Zang YanBin) is 2009. Chairman of the China Association of the Audiovisual Record Industry, founded in 2000. Since 2007 he was vice president of the Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group (SSCEG). This group in 2008 became a major distribution company in China. 2000-2007 Bill led the Chinese division of Taiwanese firm Rock Record. Bill began his career in the music industry in 1987. Shanghai Audio-Video Publishing Company (SAVP), and in 1992, was its vice president. SAVP is one of the leading record labels in China.

Bill Zang (CHN)

Cecilia Soojeong Yi is a project manager for music and performing arts. She previously worked at the Korean Cultural Center in Spain and is currently one of the main organizers of the Korean international and independent showcase festival Zandari Festa, which attracts over 130 groups and professionals from around the world. Starting in 2018 she is also the creator of the first-ever DMZ Peace Train Music Festival and takes care of its international relations.

Cecilia Soojeong Yi (KOR)

Chief accountant, internal auditor. Head of accounting firm. 20 years experience in accounting of public, non-governmental sectors, financial services companies (insurance, banks), trade and individual activities according to certificate.

Dovilė Balsevičienė (LT)

Dainius Čėpla is one of the best concert photographers in Lithuania, who has been professionally taking concerts for 7 years. His work has been decorating dozens of album covers, and among his partners are the best Lithuanian producer companies and best known artists. According to Dainius, the most pleasant feeling involves when you are able to '' stop '' a moment that viewers' eyes cannot see.

Dainius Čėpla (LT)

David Pichilingi is an experienced international music business professional. He started his career as a musician with a contract with RCA / BMG. Together with Tony Wilson (Factory / Hacienda), he has organized the famous In The City Conference-Festival for over 10 years. In 2008, after Tony's death, David founded Sound City, the largest and most influential city music festival-conference in the United Kingdom, attracting 3,500 music professionals and 30,000 festivalgoers each year. Sound City events are also held in other cities - Dubai, Tromso, New York, and annually in Seoul and Beijing. Sound City also helps influential companies organize cultural, sports and music projects in Europe and around the world.

David Pichilingi (UK)

Consultant on various Belarusian events dedicated to music of neighboring countries. Promo manager for various projects (from top Belarusian artists and festivals to international events, from indie / alternative stage club concerts to major arenas). Since 2013 is active in promoting Belarusian artists and groups in Europe. Official Tallinn Music Week, What's Next In Music ?, Music & amp; Media, representative of Ment Lyubalyan festivals in Belarus. Founder of the largest independent Belarusian music portal Experty.by.

Dmitri Bezkorovainyi (BY)

Program Director, RADIOCENTRO Stations Group

Donatas Bučelis (LT)

Gediminas Bartuška has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. He is currently a photographer at ELTA news agency, having previously worked with many Lithuanian portals and daily newspapers. He started shooting music many years ago, bringing an old Zenit film camera to the concert. Later it became a part of work and a hobby.

Gediminas Bartuška (LT)

Head and program director of radio station 'Lietus' (since its launch in 1999), songwriter (30 years on the market) and producer.

Gintaras Zdebskis (LT)

Ian Kane has nearly a decade of experience working in the UK music industry, beginning as an organizer of commercial and underground electronic music concerts, and later became the agent and manager of some of EDM's most renowned performing artists. Ian currently resides in Lithuania and is responsible for the communication and coordination of events at the Blockchain Center Vilnius. Ian’s area of ​​interest is providing opportunities for blockchain technology creative industries. Ian is convinced that developers must be properly rewarded for their work. I will speak about the early days of the music industry for me when I started my own agency and secured a roster of 20 artists. My main priority was to take undervalued artists and escalate them to the point in their careers where they were paid for their work, as DJs traditionally do a lot for free 'to make a name for themselves' which I always disagreed with in most circumstances . I will speak on how blockchain technology can allow artists to keep control of their assets and be paid fairly and on time for their participation in creative projects. I will also touch on streaming services such as Spotify using blockchain to manage their music database and ensure artists are paid. I will talk about GRAMATIK and his tokenization of his music moniker. I worked with so many graphic designers, videographers, music producers, singers etc. that always had trouble getting paid for their work and I am very passionate about this topic and am also a big follower of the MyCelia project in the UK who are (I believe) leading the way in these solutions. 

Ian Kane (LT/UK)

Ivana Yelacha since 2011 works as the curator of INmusic, the largest music festival in Croatia. In addition to designing the program, she is responsible for working with sponsors, promoting and coordinating international projects such as Europavox and ETEP (European Talent Exchange Program).

Ivana Jelača (HR)

Jouni Pesola is the marketing manager for Singa, a leading mobile app for singing. He is an experienced music industry professional - Jouni previously ran Deezer in the Nordic countries, has worked at various music festivals, and is a former musician and founder of his own record label.

Jouni Pesola (FI)

Ivy has been in the music industry for over 6 years. She is currently a concert organizer for Hong Kong-based Magnetic Asia. Ivy is responsible for such projects as Clockenflap Festival www.clockenflap.com, Sonar Hong Kong www.sonarhongkong.com and YourMum Tour Series www.yourmummusic.com. Ivy aims to promote the development of Hong Kong's live music scene.

Ivy Yuen (HK)

Head of the Association of Lithuanian Regional Radio Stations, founder, director, journalist, producer and presenter of Alytus radio station FM99. Member of the Lithuanian Journalists' Union.

Liudas Ramanauskas (LT)

Head of one of the largest concert agencies in Poland - Go Ahead, organizing and Spring Break Showcase Festival.

Lukasz Minta (PL)

Mantas Repečka is a 19-year-old from Vilnius who has been photographing for 3 years. The photographer’s path started with music / concert photography. Over time, Mantas started to photograph various sports events both in Lithuania and abroad. He has photographed major Lithuanian festivals such as Granatos Live, Galapagai. This year, Mantas dream to take part in the Positivus festival in Latvia came true.

Mantas Repečka (LT)

Maarja Merivoo-Parro is the editor-in-chief of the Estonian public broadcaster Radio 2, which focuses on new music. She also runs her own show on Latvian radio station NABA and has worked for one of the American radio stations. Maarja has conducted and published research on the history of popular music and teaches at Tallinn University.

Maarja Merivoo-Parro (EE)

Chief Specialist, Direct Taxation Division, Tax Law Department

Mantas Mickevičius (LT)

VChief Specialist, Direct Taxation Division, MI, FM Legal Department

Martynas Montvidas (LT)

Oskar is the creator of the ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) festival program. ESNS is the largest live music industry event in Europe, taking place in Groningen, Netherlands. Previously, Oskar worked as a music program manager at a radio station, journalist and event organizer.

Oskar Strajn (NL/SL)

Before becoming a professional photographer, Rytis Šeškaitis worked as a lawyer and assisted performers with their rights administration. Rytis has been photographing music for 5 years, and his archive contains hundreds of the most famous foreign and Lithuanian bands. And not only.

Rytis Šeškaitis (LT)

DJ Rudd (Rudolfs Budze) is a music producer and DJ from Latvia who plays pop, hip-hop and electronic music. His collaborations with bands Dons, Astro'n'out and VIŅA have won awards at the annual Latvian Music Awards in such categories as Radio Hit of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year. As a DJ he has appeared at all major Latvian festivals and toured in Europe and the USA. With bandmaster 2017 he has performed at the Eurosonic Festival in Holland and the Europavox Festival in France. This group has received the

Rūdolfs Budze (LV)

Sigtryggur Baldursson is director of Iceland Music (IM), the music export bureau. He is also an experienced musician: outside Iceland he is best known for being a member of Björk's first band Sugarcubes (1986-1992) and co-owner of their joint music publishing company Bad Taste (Smekkleysa). Sigtryggur also collaborated with Emiliana Torrini. IM activities include coordinating two websites - www.icelandmusic.is and www.uton.is - and projects promoting Icelandic music worldwide. IM is a member of Nomex, the Nordic music export bureau organization.

Sigtryggur Baldursson (IS)

Stefanie Schimdt is a member of Upop e.V. head and since 2008 is one of the organizers of the Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund. The festival program covers various genres of music - electronic (techno, techhouse, deephouse, drum ́n bass, trap), hiphop, alternative, indie, reggae & amp; pop. 150 DJs and 50 bands from Germany and abroad perform on 6 stages and 14 dance floors. The festival audience is very young and interested in new music, with up to 60% female visitors. The festival is famous for the performances of new, emerging bands.More information: www.juicybeats.net

Stefanie Schmidt (GER)

Two themes accompany Tom throughout his career: communication and creativity. From publishing the influential youth magazine 'Pravda' to creating the 'Ežė' brand, from playing on 'Metal On Metal' to the 'Don't Tell Mom!' MTV before the cinema 's

Tomas Ramanauskas (LT)

Head of Marketing, Director of Spring Break Showcase Festival, one of the largest concert agencies in Poland - Go Ahead.

Tomasz Waśko (PL)

Producer and manager of various popular and alternative music bands in Lithuania. 2002 owner of the music agency M.P.3., which is composed of record publishing and concert organization units. As of 2015 leads the Lithuanian Music Business Association, which organizes a conference - showcase festival What's Next in Music?

Vaidas Stackevičius (LT)

Virgo Silamaa runs Music Estonia, the Estonian Music Export Office and Industry Development Center. He is also the founder of the creative music agency Avarus, a board member of the European Music Exporters Network EMEE and the International Association of Music Information Centers IAMIC.

Virgo Sillamaa (EE)

Zach Fuller is a media analyst at MIDiA Research. This company provides content and technology analytics services to both global media companies and startups. Zach specializes in streaming streaming, blockchain technology, media usage, digital wallet services, paid and free service subscription models, media companies.

Zach Fuller (UK)