Marijus Adomaitis (LT)

Marijus Adomaitis is a music producer, electronic music author, and performer, also known
by the stage names as Mario Basanov and Ten Walls. Having composed music for well-
known Lithuanian and foreign artists, Marijus Adomaitis is currently dedicated to his own
creative work. Ten Walls’ compositions “Gotham”, “Requiem” won the hearts of fans of
electronic music, and “Walking with Elephants” (Boso Records / Atlantic Records, 2014)
made BBC Radio 1 one of the most played music pieces. The artist has released a double
album “Queen” (Runemark Records / Memento Records, 2017) and “Lights For The Dreams” (Runemark Records, 2020). Marijus Adomaitis is constantly expanding his creative horizons, so his musical account is supplemented by a musical score for the film “Silent Night”, Ten Walls “Symphony” electronic music project with a symphonic orchestra, and his latest work – a soundtrack for the action video game “Moonray”.