Angelou (LT)

alternative R&B / singer-songwriter


An alternative R&B singer-songwriter with a voice that is rougher and less   slick than that of many other female artists, she has always been drawn to dark, emotional music. Since her first EP, Vision A came out in 2017, she has developed her sound to incorporate as much live instrumentation as electronic sounds and her new EP All In Good Time showcase her unique blend of ’70s soul, ’90s R&B and 2019 electronica to great effect.

At Pavillon (AT) 

indie rock


At Pavillon is Austria’s most talented current english-speaking indie pop band.

Formed in 2014, this assemblage of tight-knit friends is a product of the Vienna music scene. The group is the partnership of Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli (drums & backing vocals), Tobias Kobl (bass guitar & backing vocals), Bernhard Melchart (lead guitar & backing vocals) and Mwita Mataro (rhythm guitar & lead vocals). At Pavillon’s debut LP, Believe Us, was released in January 2019 via LasVegas Records.

Crucial Features (LT)

brutally melodic punk


“It’s aggressive, cynical and insurgent.”

Formed in 2016, all-girl trio Crucial Features have been continually mixing melody with brutality. With all members born right before the turn of 21st century, they soon became engaged in the Lithuanian music scene, which at the time had no female role models to follow. Right after releasing their debut single “Miršta Sovietynas” (eng. Dying Sovietism), the band provoked plenty of serious discussions about the socially and culturally damaging heritage of the Soviet era. Recently the band released their new EP “Kaprizai” (eng. Caprices), the subject matter of which deals with the absurd mindset of the ones who believe that emotionally violent topics are not dialogue worthy.


Fast, full of rage and sincere cynicism driven by catchy riffs, dynamic vocals and vigorous  drums, the band continues paving their way to confront social issues, inequality and  stereotypes of post-soviet Lithuanian society.

Deep Shoq (LT)

future beats / electronica


Deep Shoq is a Lithuanian producer searching for the best proportion between mellow future beats, atmospheric footwork and bass-heavy electronica flavours.


A member of Singapore’s Darker Than Wax label has been studying classical piano since childhood for 12 years, was nominated for National music awards as one of the best electronic acts in the country.


His music has been validated by the likes of Mixmag Bass charts, was featured on BBC Radio 1 as well as Boiler Room Debuts series.

Eyre Llew (UK) 

atmospheric ambient rock


Eyre Llew are an ambient-rock trio from Nottingham, UK and since forming in August 2014, they have released nine singles and a self-recorded 12 track debut album entitled, Atelo. Their debut reached #24 in Drowned in Sounds Top 100 albums of 2017 and was critically acclaimed through Kerrang, BBC Introducing, Louder Than War, Fred Perry Subculture, Getintothis and many more! Having extensively toured 20+ countries across the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific independently the band have now been selected by 14+ showcase festivals over thousands of bands to be amongst “the 104 most promising artists in Europe” making them INES#talent 2019 and 2020. Their 2018 kickstarted the band with three nominations for the Unsigned Music Awards at The Great Escape under; Best Live Rock Act, Best Album & Best Video. Being championed by Gigwise as “one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now” they are really not one to miss…

Egomašina (LT)

synth garage


Playing everything that drives and fascinates us. Fueled by garage rock and BMX movie soundtracks we bring our best vibrations and energy everywhere we go!

Erki Pärnoja (EE)

cinematic / indie / alternative


Erki Pärnoja is an Estonian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His unique Nordic touch, impressionist guitar riffs and film like soundscapes brought him the Artist Award at Tallinn Music Week 2017 followed by the Male Artist and Indie Album of the year at Estonian Music Awards 2018. Erki released the ‘Saja Lugu’ live album in autumn 2018 and is working on a new studio release. Singe ‘Eha’ was released March 2019 and the full album will be released very soon. Expect an acoustic, captivating and mystical performance.

Flash Voyage (LT)

lo fo psychedelic rock / jizz jazz


Flash Voyage is a 4 person music band. They play Lo-Fi Psychedelic rock, Jizz Jazz. These four friends spending most of their time travelling, playing and making music. By doing so they inspire people and they believe that they can make a revolution in Lithuania’s music scene. At this moment they are working on releasing their first album which they recorded in an old abandoned Shed-House, which is located near the sea in Nida, Lithuania. They have recently released their first single ‘Paprasta’. The song was released with a video clip, which got a lot of attention. Aim of this music project is freedom of creativity and braking unnecessary rules, which they believe brings people together. Their concerts are special for their high energetic levels. When listening to their music and watching them perform people feel free, they feel love around and some of them dig deepest thoughts.

Happyendless (LT)

electronic / synth


The members of Happyendless are well known music producers who have collaborated in a very long list of songs and albums that have become an integral part of the Lithuanian music history. As a band they had a very successful period in the late 2000’s, releasing 2 very successful albums “Room For Mistakes” and “Cinema” and being voted MTV’s best Baltic Act in 2008 and got a nomination for “Favorite European Act”. After taking a 5 year break and undergoing some personal changes Happyendless are back with a new album and new live show.

In 2018 they released their 3rd studio album KINETIKA, which brought them back to their electronic roots. The album was acclaimed by critics and nominated as best album in the Lithuanian M.A.M.A. music awards.

The music is balanced synthesis of electronic sound and beautiful vocal. The live show is based on a synthesis of 3D videoprojections, modular synthesizer electronic keyboards and live instruments.


experimental rap


IYE – experimental rap group, reaching to break the stigma around hip-hop music and culture. In the lyrics of their songs you can find the darkest, weirdest places of the life – sometimes trying to find a deep meaning in them is pointless, but IYE tries to understand this world anyway.

June Cocó (GER)

piano pop


“Put June Cocó at a piano and let her sing. And she will fill the room, any room, with grace! Once you hear her music, it’s a completely satisfying, very uplifting and inspiring feeling. There is a broad collection of different styles, lyrics and attitudes. And of course the voice and creative energy is the one very consistent thing behind the music.” (Richie Beirach)
Her presence radiates a haunting elegance reminiscent of Agnes Obel, Regina Spektor and Kate Bush. She captivates the listener with her colourful, strong voice and powerful songs.
As a piano player and singer, she started out as a solo artist, playing small gigs and writing her own music. Outside of the university, where she studied Jazz, June played regularly in bars and small clubs while developing her own style. She collects stories and portraits on her journeys and from day-to-day life, setting them to beautiful melodies.
This autumn June Cocó will release her new studio album, followed by a tour all across the globe.

Junior A (LT)

experimental pop / electronic / alternative


Junior A – tai Vilniuje gyvenantis eksperimentinės, elektroninės muzikos atlikėjas, dainų autorius, bei prodiuseris.

Pirmąsias bangas internete sukėlė dar 2017 metų pradžioje, kai po pirmo EP (“Born Busy”)

Junior A is an alternative electronic pop music artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, who first made waves  mid  2017,  after  the  first  single  “Sleep Machine”  went viral.


After initial success London based label “Hard Up” (Smerz, Sassy 009, Jimothy Lacoste, Lean Chihiro, The Big Moon) released Junior Aʼs first EP “Born Busy”.


Internet aesthetics, DIY vibe, catchy hooks and interesting back story (Tautvydas started producing his music after being in an accident in summer 2015 after which he spent some time in coma) made Junior A Lithuaniaʼs very own internet sensation.


In  2018 Tautvydas  was  joined  by  Sindre Skeie,  norwegian  drummer. The duo immediately started touring, they play shows together ever since.


Later this year Junior A is scheduled to release a final EP “Spa day”.

Kedrostubùras (LT)

sea wave


Kedrostuburas – impro jazz, alternative rock and a bit of poetry, all these genres sum up to a certain style – “Sea Wave” or “Wind breeze” as they call it. Band formed back in 2015, while still studying in high school. Everything started with improvisational jams in the street under the name Caw Del. First fragments of the current album started to appear from the group vocalist who started writing songs under the name Salah Jua. After a couple of years in 2018 the band participated in young group contest “Garažas18” where they won 3rd place, with me motivation from the first contest they moved on to another one. A first place was won in a baltic young group contest “Novus”. Since then, Kedrostuburas was working on their debut album “Del” which was released in 2019 June.

Komfortrauschen (GER) 

electronic / live techno



Step into the darkness. Can you taste the sweat-filled air? Can you stand the pressing heat? The driving energy grips you in a deadly embrace. Let the rhythm absorb you, your blood turn to oil. You become part of the machine, the machine that is driven by the motor of Komfortrauschen. Three precision-obsessed control freaks that have honed their craft to a German industrial perfection. An uncompromised sound welded together from propelling drums, deep unrepentant bass lines and a searing guitar that bites through like acid. They convert their mechanical energy into hedonistic live techno that is impossible to resist. Only thing is, there is no emergency stop!


Komfortrauschen is a live band from Berlin that creates the powerful sound of a techno DJ set in their very own analogue fashion with traditional instruments, filtered through an impressive array of pedals and effects. Imagine a punk band trapped inside a drum computer, the Prodigy being a Berghain resident, Richie Hawtin meets Rammstein. The pure ecstasy and machine accuracy of techno enriched with the fresh energy and playfulness of a live band. Since the band was formed in 2014, Komfortrauschen have played regularly in famous German clubs like Sisyphos, Kantine am Berghain and Kater Blau as well as all over Europe and beyond. Now they’re about to hit the stages worldwide!




Young English rapper, MAZ, only 19, has closed the distance between aspiring artist and rising talent in a very short space of time. Roughly two and a half years in the game and he’s already playing to larger than life audiences at festivals and renowned music venues. His latest show saw him supporting Nicki Minaj at the Rockhal. MAZ‘s lyrical depth and technical verse makes him an authentic wordsmith, while his flow and charisma onstage gives you an insight into his bright future.

Martin Wall (LT)

indie / folk / blues / country


Martin Wall is a songwriter performing his owns songs, he used to play american folk music, but now he’s getting deeper into the the experiments of electronic music. Martin Wall produces the sound of 80’s synths, gives an experimental structure to the song along with the poetical lyrics.

Makchu Pikchu (LT)



5 guys from Vilnius playing rock’n’roll and absolutely loving it.

Vocals, drums, keybords, guitar and bass are the only things these guys need to give you a night of dancing and singing.

We finished our second studio album and we are ready to bring the party to you!!!


1st studio album “Gentelmen’s rising” 2014

2nd studio album “Home” 2019

2014 winner of “MAMA” awards best new band

Play4n4 Live Act (LT) 

live experimental dance


Play4n4 Live Act –  tai yra Play4n4 studijos artistų / muzikantų koloboracijos, atliekant elektroninę šokių muziką gyvai.

Jack Krass (Linas K.), 0rfeo (Arnas S.) ir Smpl Smpl (Simas P.) kartu ir atskirai pasirodantys house ir techno vakarėliuose pasitelkia sintezatorius, ritmo mašinas, saksofoną ir vokalą. Pasirodymai pagrįsti – inspired to inspire – misija. Kiekvienam pasirodymui, priklausomai nuo laiko ir vietos, kuria naują ir išskirtinį turinį.

shishi (LT)

rap / trash / lo-fi / surf / soul


shishi is a Vilnius based Lithuanian power girl trio, playing rap / trash / lo-fi / surf / soul music blend with a childish joy and feminine energy. Dominyka Kriščiūnaitė, Elena Neniškytė and Giedrė Nalivaikaitė, known from other alternative Lithuanian bands, such as„Ministry of Echology“, „Umiko“, „Kotori“, „Homechestra“, „Elle G“, joined their musical forces to create something fresh in alternative Lithuanian scene.In September 2018 shishireleased their debut album „NA x 80”.Band’s name was chosen accidentally and not. shishi means a Chinese guardian lion (also deer or dog) with magical power to repel evil spirits. And so is shishi band –ready to protect your ears from misery every timethey come up on stage

Sheep Effect (LT)

heavy smooth jazz


Saxophonist Simonas Šipavičius aka Sheep Effect has created a unique sound inspired by jazz, experimental and electronic dance music. In 2019 Sheep Effect released his debut album Saxual Harassment where he uses his saxophone in unconventional ways and blends it into a spicy musical cocktail with drum’n’bass, techno, IDM elements. Simonas’ live performances are thrilling and fascinating experiences that you need to experience for yourself to truly understand.


Simonas Šipavičius is a well-known jazz and alternative music artist. Apart from Sheep Effect, he is a member of other projects and bands such as Sheep Got Waxed, CinAmono, Baroque Contempo, Lithuanian JJazz Ensemble, plays a big part in Lithuanian, European, Asian music scenes.

Šuo Leila (LT)

indie/alternative/experimental/art/jazz rock


The band was formed in January of 2018. Shortly after the beginning of the band, our friend’s dog died and that’s how we came up with the name Šuo Leila (Leila the dog), immortalizing the dog herself in our music. After a couple of gigs band’s activity stopped because too much time was taken away by studies and work. But this year, we decided to bring the project back to life and three more members joined the group. With a lot of new ideas end expectations, we’ve already won the young bands contest “GARAŽAS”, played in LRT Opus terrace in Palanga, will play in the biggest festivals of our country. For us, Šuo Leila is like an imaginary perfect reality, which we all crave to understand and achieve. It’s like a soundtrack for our daily routine, which is being created in our apartment’s living room, and we are always trying to convey the same living room’s atmosphere while performing on stage.

Timid Kooky (LT)

prog punk rock


“Seamlessly juxtaposing hard drums, power vocals, guitar and a bongo for what we’ll describe as  funky noise psych rock – it’s a band for a party” – LIVEUROPE


That’s the wonderfully weird space the three-headed Lithuanian band Timid Kooky moves in.

The boldness, wackiness and genre-related schizophrenia of the young trio, in which all the members contribute to the lead vocals, are reflected on their debut album ‘TANZEN’, which might sound to some as well-curated compilation of various alternative bands. Even so, Timid Kooky aren’t just another college indie band. It’s evident that they mean business and approach music with the right ‘rocknrolla’ amount of professionalism, as proved by the fact they were named the best new Baltic band in 2017 and played in some of the most prestigious music showcase festivals in Europe

Theodore (GR)

alternative rock


Atmospheric sound in cinemascope: an epic mix of classic, piano-driven compositions, with electronic elements ranging from ambient and minimal, to gritty 80s synth-wave. Repetitive drums and shimmering guitars lie under the monolithic songs, topped by Theodore’s hauntingly beautiful vocals; mellow and powerful, hypnotic, lamenting and stirring. Theodore has gained notoriety for his memorable live performances, dazzling audiences with his mesmerizing stage presence and show.
Theodore’s schooling in piano and traditional Greek folk music led to the beginning of his music career in London, where he studied Music Composition in 2011. His debut album (It Is But It’s Not), was mixed by Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, Moby, M83) and performed live at the fabled Abbey Road Studio 2 in London. The album received support from tastemaker publications such as CLASH Mag, Music Week, Tsugi, FGUK, Gaffa and Szene and radio play from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne. Theodore has supported Sigur Ros and DIIV at Release Festival. After releasing his latest album “Inner Dynamics” that got rave reviews with the first release from NPR radio. Theodore toured in southern Europe and U.S.A, including his second consecutive live set at the SXSW Festival in Austin and the highlight of his Tiny Desk Concert.

Yegor Zabelov (BY)

experimental modern accordion


One of the most original accordion players in Eastern Europe is a composer, an author of music for theatrical performances and movies. Zabelov’s music can be described as an experimental mix of accordion, avant-garde, jazz and neo-classical sounds. After performing all over Europe with his duo Gurzuf, Yegor focused on his solo career which sometimes expands to a trio where he continues to reveal the creative possibilities. He’s known to produce amazing sounds beyond the usual accordion music. Zabelov himself finds influences for his compositions in minimalist classics: Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman and also Arvo Pärt, Finnish experimental accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen and jazz trio Esbjörn Svensson Trio.

He started his professional education at the age of seven. In 2002 Yegor became a prizewinner of the International contest of folk musicians in Belarus. Yegor started composing when he was 20, during his studies at the musical college. Having achieved success in academic music, he became interested in different ganres of music, which led to projects with different Belarussian bands. With his duo Gurzuf he toured all over Europe.