Clara Giambino (LT/FR)

poetic pop


Clara Giambino is a professional singer, dancer and business owner from Marseille (France). She arrived in Lithuania 4 years ago to work as a dancer in “Kauno Šokio Teatras “Aura” and fell in love with Kaunas and its cosiness. Deepening her connection with the country and its culture, Clara decided to explore new possibilities and widen her skills; starting with opening her own business, she then met Ilja Gun and Justas Katauskis (ROYCE band) and decided to launch her singing career in Lithuania. In March 2021, she released her first single “Širdis” in Lithuanian language, which has come as a surprise to many and allowed the Lithuanian audience to discover her intriguing and artistic character. For her first album, Clara Giambino invites her listeners into her fresh, spicy but yet romantic and moody universe, combining both French and Lithuanian languages.