Elnio Rago Miškas (LT)

post-rock / psychedelic rock


Elnio Rago Miškas – a band that introduces the listener to a very specific world. A world where sound and text play alongside and create three aspects that are in the band’s name and describes the band best. The deer symbolises the groups lyrical side, which often comes through the text, horn – a more aggressively sounding side of the band and the forest – the motive that creates all of the mysticism and mystery in the sound of the group. The bands songs have a rich psychedelic vibe and are often coloured in more dark yet mellow shades and are full of slight melancholy.


Elnio Rago Miškas released their debut album „Šamano Duktė“ in 2019 and their second album „A Downbeat Dream“ in 2021. The two albums are quite different from one another but share the same unmistakable sound that is unique to the band.
The band performed all around the country, participated in local festivals (mainstream as well as alternative ones) and has been working with various industry professionals through the years.