Future Cello (LT)

crossover / cinematic / pop


Justas Kulikauskas – 3rd generation virtuoso cellist, music producer and one of the best loop station performers in the world. 


Better known under his stage name Future Cello, J. Kulikauskas performs original music as well as creates covers of popular songs with a very distinct style. Future Cello doesn’t confine itself to any genre but instead builds bridges between classical roots of the instrument with digital future and popular culture. He loves everything that makes the heart beat a little bit faster. So naturally, his performances are highly attractive, captivating and engaging experiences.


Justas has won over audiences with his original work and virtuosi musicianship. Future Cello works with a variety of artists well-known in Lithuania and abroad, both as a performer and producer, including Asmik Grigorian, Justė Arlauskaitė (Jazzu), Jurga Šeduikytė, Petras Geniušas, Linas Adomaitis, New Ideas Chamber Orchestra (artistic director Gediminas Gelgotas), and etc..


Loved by audiences in Lithuania, Future Cello is also capturing international attention. His cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift has been chosen by Buzzfeed as one of the best covers of the year, named as „even better than the original itself”. J. Kulikauskas has already released three cello music albums, the 3rd one being his first album of original compositions.