Kasetes (LV)

synthpop / indie pop


Kasetes is a Latvian synthpop/indie pop band from Vaidava, Latvia. Imagine the reminiscing sound of 80’s pop music with a modern twist, dreamy guitar riffs and sound of synthesizers blasting through your car stereo as you drive into the night. If done correctly, you have now visualized what indie synth-pop band Kasetes sounds like. Kasetes was originally formed in 2012 as the duo by brothers


Rūdolfs and Kārlis Zagorskis. Guitar player Oskars Tupuriņš joined band in 2014 and since then Kasetes has released 4 records- Ēpē (2014), Jaunā Kārtība (2015), It’s Fine (2020) and Dialogue (2020). Latest record “Dialogue” has been awarded with Golden Microphone as best Latvian electronic music album of year 2020.