Strings Of Earth Orchestra (LT)

indie / alternative / jazz / folk / ska / reggae


The vibrantly lively & unified sound of the Strings Of Earth Orchestra is a direct result of the passion, commitment, and dedication that the players within the band bring to each & every moment of their music. Based at the Republic of Lithuania, this spectacularly versatile project is ready to go global with a wild blend of Jazz, Folk, Indie, Alternative – & even a little Ska/Reggae for the ears of the people to enjoy.


The roots of the Strings Of Earth Orchestra trace back to the main songwriter, Mantas Meškerys – who locked himself away from the world for a month with only his instruments as the project first began. Soon after joined by longtime friends Roberta & Karolis to lend their own unique talents to the material, the invitation started a massively collaborative spirit that still exists & thrives within the band to this very day. Opening the doors of opportunity as wide as possible, the ‘Orchestra’ has contained countless key collaborators & musical co-conspirators over the years. Radiating gorgeously catchy & colorful vibes the people are sure to love & sing along with, Strings Of Earth Orchestra are doing their part to make this planet beautiful & bring the people a bit closer together through the music they make.


Between their first burst into the independent music-scene in 2017 & now, Strings Of Earth Orchestra has played hundreds of shows, traveling the countryside & entertaining the people with over thirty musicians from across the world taking their time & talents to the stage to collaborate & join in the fun. They’ve been featured on national television LRT, Youtube show “Kitokie Pasikalbėjimai”, played at “Galapagai”, “Laisvės Piknikas”, “Sostinės Dienos” and other festivals. Meanwhile they’ve got invitations to play in L.A. and Hainan (China). In 2021 they have their debut album ready, its called “Neverending Energy” and it fully reveals the blissful magic in the creative ideas & highly imaginative music of the band – and they’re still just getting warmed up! 


Ready to celebrate the true joy of music – join the Strings Of Earth Orchestra as they find their way to a stage near you and branch out worldwide online with new songs & videos for everyone to enjoy in 2021.