Alen Chicco (LT)



Lithuanian singer -songwriter and performance artist Alen Chicco is one of the most controversial personas in his country. His fresh and different entrance into Lithuania’s pop music industry made him one to watch.


Musical theater and street dances backgrounds formed unique artist’s style which is best described as powerful theatrical vocals, bizarre looks and funky-nifty moves synthesis. His first bright public appearance was bold and unexpected audition for a TV show – Lithuania’s “X factor”, where he made history as the first drag artist to walk on that stage.


Alen Chicco’s music is various, usually difficult to describe and to assign to one category. You can hear musical theater vocals colliding with modern pop and dance music sounds and his 2019 track “This Is Where I End My Doubts” even has drag rap going on. Mostly inspired by the greatest pop divas of all time, Alen Chicco is here to push the boundaries of what male pop artist should be.