Evija Vēbere (LV)

avantpop / synthpop



Evija Vebere is a Latvian singer and composer. Evija performs and creates music on modular synths and sings with a childlike voice. Her solo recording Sirdsbūt won Best Alternative Music Album 2019 at Latvian music awards.The range of Evija’s musical spectrum varies from light and playful melodies to wild and schizophrenic depth of sound.

Before embarking on her solo performance, Evija played with Serbian drummer Lav Kovač. “Howling Owl” was the name of their avant-pop group and they were dubbed by some as having “the most eclectic, liberal approach to modern music”. In 2015, Howling Owl released an EP, “Dance For Common Sense”. The year before, while studying jazz music in The Netherlands, Evija released her debut recording “Dream Whispers” with Marta Warellis on piano, Esat Ekinciouglu on bass and Lav Kovač on drums.