Goda, a restless soul, always yearned for more. Even as a child, she sought new adventures beyond the confines of home, finding solace in nature’s wonders and discovering a desire to captivate others with the first songs she learned.

Growing up, she would ride empty streets while listening to the anthems of Springsteen, Moody Blues, Queen and many others, which spoke to her deepest emotions. Soon enough she escaped her desolate hometown to study in a conservatory, immersing herself in the grandiose classical music and raw free jazz tunes. One of her inspirations – Radiohead’s haunting tunes captivated her, igniting an unwavering fascination with Thom Yorke, and giving birth to her edgy alter ego, “Godo Yorke.”

In the depths of early adolescence, her friend bestowed the name “Godo” upon her, marking the start of her artistic evolution. At 15, she joined Tillae, a promising band, but eventually embarked on her own path. Determined, she retreated to her solitary old house in Uptown Vilnius, pouring her heart and soul into recording, unleashing her raw creativity. Thus debut album “In Silence, In Sirens” was released. Her first Lithuanian album “Perkūnija” is to be announced by the end of 2023.


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