HOMECHESTRA – the architects of the home of music – with their (un)modestly provocative texts and consonants invite you to talk and/or listen. With their new album, the five musicians, who are fond of various analyses and philosophical reflections, invite you to contemplate the nature of habits.


At the core of the band are Dominyka (vocals) and Rokas (ex-bass guitar), who originally formed back in 2011 as the duo “Rok&Dom” and released the album “Žemė sukas ratu” (“The Earth Is Turning”). As time went by, the search for unique sound continued as other musicians joined in and the band was reborn as HOMECHESTRA.

“The current structure of the band allows for the best ideas and creations to be born”, says band leader-singer Dominyka.

The mission of HOMECHESTRA is to share music that resonates with the emotions and experiences of the listeners.


What’s Next in Music? Open Air


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