Liucė (LT)

alternative / indie-folk


Liucė is a singer/songwriter, producer and performer from Vilnius, Lithuania, who is currently based in London. Having started singing folk music at the age of 3, she is a winner of multiple national folk and songwriting contests, and is now pursuing a successful solo career. Liucė has built a loyal following in Lithuania by creating a unique bonding experience with her music and at her shows. She finds inspiration in alternative, folk music, jazz, and poetry and entwines it all into one unique experience. As her listeners say, her music can calm a restless soul or a broken heart. “I love the music most when it makes me feel human. Sometimes I think it is magic – it makes us all feel the same way and the air tastes sweeter” – Liucė shares.  

Liucė is now looking forward to nurturing her existing audience in Lithuania and growing her community of listeners in the UK.