Local Blood (LT)

post punk


Post punk band Local Blood was formed in 2014, Vilnius. In 2017, the guys released their debut EP “A Lure Of Sights”, performed at all well known Lithuanian festivals and music events – Devilstone, Loftas Fest, Postcosmos and others. They also had to warm up bands such as Son Lux (USA), The Underground Youth (DE), Girls Names (UK).


In 2022, after long creative work in the studio, Local Blood returned with the fresh full length album Dystopian Disco, which was released on February 28 2022, with two singles: My Blood, which was released on all platforms on February 14, and Control, which appeared on February 24th.


This is the first full-length album by Local Blood. “Unlike the previously released EP” A Lure Of Sights “, in the new album we have emerged from the post-punk genre, retaining the essential elements of this genre. So the new album itself has a refined concept, according to which all music in it was created. The album itself is much more mature  and has more layers, both musically and symbolically, so we’re confident in what we’ve created now and where we’re heading to.”


“The title of our new album is Dystopian Disco. It is two opposite words – a dystopian environment and a funny disco. Throughout the album, the main protagonist coincides with these two elements. Dystopia is both – in the character’s mind, in the environment surrounding it, and an attempt to escape from that dystopia, defeat it and find what is worth dancing for. Dance is a form of expression, when one simply dances to the rhythm of life and despite all the challenges is moving forward. Our new album is based on this concept.”


Recorded in 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania and mastered in the UK, the full album Dystopian Disco together with the new singles “My Blood” and “Control” was presented to the audience in 2022 April the 21st at Kablys+Kultura venue and was a massive goal for all hard work band had spent in order to release this album.