experimental / noise rock / post-industrial / no wave


PLIÉ is a band of six musicians of entirely different backgrounds, ranging from black metal to contemporary / avant-garde music. Being described as the ‘charlatans’ of experimental music in Lithuania, the band managed to stir the local alternative scene up with their bold debut album ‘Never Took Place’ (2021). The record has generated curiosity regarding an out-of-the-ordinary approach to the fragmented process of composing music, hence concerning the philosophy behind Plié’s existence as well. This is nothing short of ballet with broken legs.


PLIÉ is a temporal sound movement of a six-pole democratic art exhibition. PLIÉ is a hardcore-art event. PLIÉ doesn’t mean anything until it does. What is this pseudo-musical charlatanism? Is it dystopian? How should the fleshy drums in one’s ears react to vibrating air molecules? How should one understand? Is there something to understand? What is PLIÉ saying? Should one take the time and effort to understand? At this point in time? In this economy?