Quark Effect (LT)

xperimental / avantgarde / post-punk / free jazz


„Quark Effect” (Kornelijus Pukinskis – saxophone, Matas Samulionis – electronics, Dominykas Snarskis – drums) – a trio of contemporary improvisational music which combines the principles of acoustic and electronic music into one musical language. The band was originally established in Scotland, where the debut album “Lunar Soil” was recorded and released (electronics – Ronan Whittern). After the album’s release, the band initiated the project of “Lunar Soil (Remixed)”, where each original “Lunar Soil” composition was remixed and reworked into a new electronic sound. Remixes were created by Lithuanian electronic music composers and performers “Artfcl”, “Phun Thomas” and “Smpl Smpl”. “Quark Effect” with a change of one member is currently searching for new soundscapes and possibilities. Although trio is seeking ideas from Experimental, AvantGarde, Post-Punk, Free Jazz, the final sound of a particular piece may vary from time to time, as the trio’s main engine is improvisation. In their music, “Quark Effect” boldly ranges from maximum freedom to strict synchronization, from art to science, from light drones to intense screams, from acoustic to digital sound. In this way, each performance is the result of ever-changing choices made on the spot, allowing the listener to feel a different angle of a particular piece each time.