Shkodra Elektronike (AL / IT)

post immigrant pop


Shkodra Elektronike is music project of two Albanian immigrants grew up in Italy, pretty away from their mother city, Shkoder. The project is formed by songwriter-producer Kolë Laca and singer-songwriter Beatriçe Gjergji. They have different ages and differentlife stories and yet their need is so similar: finding a way to go home without taking any airplane. They define their genre as “Post Immigrant Pop”. The heart of the project is the re-interpretation of the traditional songs of Shkodra in a contemporary electronic key.

The project started in 2019 and in this time they performed in many important events: Exit Festival, Pachamama Stage (Serbia); opening of the Albania/Kosovo Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale (Italy); opening of the personal exhibition in Tirana of the contemporary artist Adrian Paci (Albania); Zā Fest IV (Albania); the inauguration event of Autostrada Biennale Hangar in Prizren (Kosovo); Victoria Square Project (Athenes, Greece) and many more. Every performance was warmly welcomed by audience of different nationalities. 

In 2020 they started releasing their music: Ku E Gjeta Vedin (an original song) – winner of special prize at “Lule Borë festival”; Synin si qershia; Turtulleshë (Alt Orient, January 2022); Live @UzinaEP (Alt Orient, March 2022). They also composed E Jemja Nuse (performed by Rezarta Smaja), winner of the prize at the 60th edition of “Festivali I Kenges”.

In 2022 the project has been selected for MOST – Balkan music export.

Their current label is Alt Orient.

They’re in the roster of Balkan World Music Management.