Vytis Puronas is a film sound designer and composer whose work encompasses audio post-production, virtual reality, sound restoration, electronic music, and interactive art. He holds an MA in Sound Arts from the University of the Arts London and has presented and taught sound design internationally in Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. He currently serves as an Associated Professor and MA Sound Design course supervisor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. With over 60 films to his credit, Vytis Puronas has collaborated with directors from the UK, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, and Bahrain. He has been recognised for his work with three Silver Crane Award nominations for Best Sound. He is the creator of Sonic Alchemist, an innovative AI-assisted sound design software for film, and the founder of the audio software brand, Sonomagic.

How will AI impact the future of music?

2023 09 07, Thursday